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The Sergeant John W. Gabersek Jr. Memorial Scholarship

My friends and comrades regardless of time.

Throughout my travels and associations I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most humble men and women who served their country during WWII.  As a fitting tribute to their experiences, please take a moment to browse my friends below.     

The 6th Naval Beach Battalion Reunion
Photos from the 2007 Reunion of the 6th Naval Beach Battalion Reunion held in Bedford Virginia, June 6th,2007.
The 6th NBB took part in the Normandy Landings on June 6th, 1944 and then landings in the Pacific.


Don Matthews
Corporal Don Matthews, 28th Infantry, 110th Infantry Regiment, I Company

Click Don's picture to visit his page and learn about he and the 28th Division in WWII.

A great lesson in history for those who know little about the 28th.



Goddfried Dulius
Leutnant Gottfried Dulius, JG-53, Me-109 Pilot, German Luftwaffe

Click Gottfried's picture to visit his page and get the real story as told from the other side.

His incredible story of survival as a POW in the Russian Gulag's is a must read.



Lt. Colonel John (Jack) E. Rauscher

WWII, Korean War Era, Vietnam Era

Citizen - Soldier - Father


Bud Hansen

United States Marines Corps, Drummer in the first Marine Corps bagpipe Band

Londonderry Ireland, Iwo Jima, Proud Veteran


More Veterans to come....

Corporal Ed Sarkisian - USMC, Bugler, USS Yorktown CV-10


George Mills - 28th Division - Captured at the Battle of the Bulge

Steve Bernelko - 29th Division, D-Day, Wounded June 10th

Bill Wilch - 29th Division, D-Day Veteran, who hasn't seen Steve since.

Wesley O. Niccolls Sr. - Signalman US Navy, Invasion of Okinawa Veteran

Chester Malie - USS Franklin, Survivor of Kamikaze Raids

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