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6th Naval Beach Battalion Reunion
Son's of Beaches

Pictures and Comments from Bedford Virginia  June 5, 6, and 7th, 2007

Cousin Jim and I join in on honoring our great uncle Amin's shipmates.

Uncle Amin, the Story of the 6th NBB, Jim and I.

Members of the 6th Naval Beach Battalion - D-Day Memorial
Bedford Virginia June 6th, 2007

Andy Chmiel, Bob Giguere, Clyde Whirty, John Rogers
Joe Vaghi, Curtis Fleming, Richard "Red" Onines, Torre Tobiassen, Frank Walden, Vince Kordack

The unit landed on Easy Red as shown on this map.



The Memorial is Dressed with Depictions of the Battle ---  That Day of Days.

Over the Top Boys!!!

The Memorial Arch, Ensign Joseph Vaghi, Amin's Commanding Officer, and Ike...

Veterans of the 6th are honored in front of the gathering while music played.
  What an honor is was to be with these brave men.

Bob Giguere knew my Great Uncle Amin.
Bob was the only Navy man to be awarded the Silver Star on D-Day.

Ensign Vaghi is surrounded again, but this day by friends.
Myself, Ken Davey, and cousin Jim. 
Ken's father, Dr. Russell Davey came ashore on LCI-88 with Amin and Joe.
Ensign Vaghi with son Joe then flanked again by Jim and myself.

Ike, the supreme allied commander who gave the green light with, "OK, let's go!"
Jim and I are honored by joining in with the group.  Thank you fellas!
Red Onines surveys the plaque dedicated to the 6th NBB.

The plaque came to be with the support of a McKeesport Pa couple, Ed and Barbara Kitas.
They were to find out later that evening that great uncle Amin too is also from McKeesport!
Little did they know and now are a part of Amin's amazing story.


I'm very proud to wear the patch of the 6th,
the 5th Special Engineers Brigade Amphibious Patch.

I took this picture on the way home,
 a fitting tribute to a memorable 3 days.

A tribute to my great uncle Amin...


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