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The 6th Naval Beach Battalion

Soon to come, a complete page on the men of the 6th.

January 11th 2009 - Ed Marriott sadly passed away.  A member of the 6th Beach Battalion, he joins his wife Betts in heaven.  Ed and I have been friends for a number of years now and he and Betts were instrumental in educating those unfamiliar with the role of the Naval Beach Battalions.   He was feet from my great uncle Amin when the blast which took my uncle's life on D-Day occurred.  I recently visited Ed in Atlanta were he had been fighting for life.  Ed and I shared some really good moments together as he told me stories about his Naval career.  I will miss him a lot as he had been my closest Beach Battalion friend.  Rest in peace now my friend for I am proud to have been yours...

On December 15, 2007, Ed Marriott, 6th Naval Beach Battalion veteran and I met for the first time as we attend the Commissioning Ceremony of the USS Mesa Verde LPD-19 in Panama City Florida.  The USS Mesa Verde is twice as long as LCI-88 which brought Ed, Joe, Amin and Company C-8 to the shore of Normandy France, June 6th 1944.  Read more here about the USS Mesa Verde and my press release for Ed's appearance here.

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