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2009 Visit to France

In 2009, the culmination of five years of sifting through government red tape came to a successful conclusion as Great Uncle Amin's Isbir's corrected grave marker in the Normandy American Cemetery was laid in place.  This amazing ceremony took place on Ascension Day, May 21st 2009.  My cousin Jim Ameen and I were in France for this historic moment.  To the best of my knowledge it has been the only headstone corrected from one date of death to another.  Evidence was substantiated by 11 members of his Naval Unit, the 6th Naval Beach Battalion.  The significance of the change to the common citizen may not seem that important, but to history, and to his comrades with him on the beach that morning, the correction meant everything.  Personally, few words can describe the feeling which came over me while in France.  As my cousin and I spent each hour within the presence of so many fallen heroes, we were truly at peace because we knew Amin was now also at peace.   Please kindly click the links below to read all about our journey.

This incredible story, full of heartache, determination, perseverance and luck is truly without precedence.

Featured on the CBS Evening News, June 4th 2009.

Honoring Family Heroes of WWII - Amin Isbir - Part 1

Honoring Family Heroes of WWII - Lt. Meena - Part 2

  Lt. James E. Meena                                  Coxswain Amin Isbir

Two men who died in the cause of restoring Liberty.

The Profile of Lt. James E. Meena
The Profile of Coxswain Amin Isbir

"Few who remember."
A poem written in honor of my great uncles.

Those are few who remember the boys dressed in khaki and blue,
our nation's youth leaving their homes to uphold honor so true...

They carry the burden of a nation that stood idle behind closed eyes,

clutching arms under smoke filled skies...


As waves crashed upon distant shores,

mothers at home cried for boys no more...


Untested men emerged in silent fury,

with God Almighty being the Judge and Jury...

Heroes will be born on days like today,

only God knew what price they would pay...

A whispering bullet makes it's way along the line,

calling out for an American soldier who stood the test of distant time...

Copyright by Eric Montgomery 2006-2016.  May God continue to Bless America and those who defend it.