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The Sergeant John W. Gabersek Jr. Memorial Scholarship

WWII Memorial - November 11th, 2007
Washington DC

John and I visit the Memorial on Veterans Day!

What a fine group of kids from the great state of Utah...
Thank you for helping John feel so special!

Juan Jose, a severely wounded soldier from an IED in Iraq
share handshakes and well wishes from John.
Get well soon Juan!!!  Take care buddy!!!


The best thing about the Memorial is that we are always making new friends.
John receives appreciation in so many ways and always from the heart.

John shares his photos and story's with Veterans past and present.
Sgt. Kelso, in desert fatigues met John 3 years ago.
  Since then he's spent a tour in Iraq and in Afghanistan.
All services are represented in the third picture
John Army, Laurin - Marines, Bob - Army Air Corps, Eric - Navy
Laurin and Bob married during the war, spent three weeks together,
 and then fought for their country.  God bless all of you!

Senator Dole John and I enjoy the celebration of Veterans Day.
This is the second time we've met the Senator at the Memorial.
Thank you Senator Dole for your continued support as I try to help John receive the Purple Heart.
Your commitment to your Brothers in Arms is unmatched.  Stay well our friend until we meet again! 

Prior to heading to the Memorial, John and I stop by the Navy and Coast Guard Memorial for men lost at sea.
This seldom visited Memorial on the George Washington Memorial Parkway is full of symbolism.
Please take a moment to visit this beautiful memorial on your next visit to DC.
Sadly the base around the Memorial is crumbling and the shrubs need attending to.

Our first picture of the day was with this father and son.
Thank you for allowing John to be a part of your day!

My tribute to my great Uncle Amin Isbir
who gave his life for the freedom's of others.

Above... my Band of Brothers....

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