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The Sergeant John W. Gabersek Jr. Memorial Scholarship

WWII Memorial - November 27th, 2004
Pictures from Washington DC

My sister Rita and brother John join John and I at the Memorial.

Above, a Philippino Man recognizes John's Philippine Liberation Medal. 
60 years ago they were brothers in arms!

A beautiful array of plaques adorn the entrance to the Memorial.

They show the complete and total story of America in WWII.

Capturing the essence of the era...

...the horrors....and the celebration of Victory over Terror.

Being from Pennsylvania,
 John's uniform bares the bloody bucket patch of the 28th Infantry Division.
I've since corrected the uniform with 37th Infantry Division Pins
 and the Service Command Patch.

   Veteran's who bravely stood up to Terror, then and now...


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