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The Sergeant John W. Gabersek Jr. Memorial Scholarship

WWII Memorial and Air Force Memorial - October 20th, 2007
Washington DC

Uncle Johnnie and I visit the Air Force Memorial...
on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Patriot and Veteran, John W. Gabersek Jr.

This was our first visit to the Air Force Memorial
whose promenade pears into Arlington Cemetery
and whose overlook survey's the Pentagon
and the area damaged on 911.

New friends from near and far greet John and extend their thanks.
Thank you Susan!

About 3 weeks after 911, John and I visited this very spot where
a makeshift memorial was constructed to honor those killed in the attack.
Thank you Greg for the pictures!

...we then head over to the WWII Memorial.

Members of our Coast Guard and an Army Medic
share with John the Celebration of the Memorial.

Visitors from around the country and around the world.

Philippino girls thank John for his part in freeing their homeland in 1945.


John's unique personality can be seen in these photos.


Another beautiful day with my GREAT uncle.

One of the best pictures I've ever taken of John.
He's standing in front of the wall of honor
 where the cost of freedom is measured with gold stars.

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