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The Sergeant John W. Gabersek Jr. Memorial Scholarship

2007 D-Day Commemorative Event - September 15th, 2007

Pictures from Conneaut Ohio

Uncle John joins me in remembering those who gave their youth for the freedom of those oppressed.
  We pay tribute to all those who began the road to victory throughout Europe on

 June 6th, 1944

We remember the ones lost...
Great Uncle Amin Isbir was one of them...

In honor of my great uncle Amin's unit, the 6th Naval Beach Battalion,
 with the help of some of my buddies and I assembled a  Navy communication bunker
 equipped with an authentic signal lamp, radio and all the comforts of home.
Manned by my great uncle John, he spoke of his wartime experiences
 to crowds of youngsters and their parents.

  The cold weather did not dampen the spirits of the crowd nor my great uncle
 as he captivated the audience with his remarks, wit and humor.
  The bunker was built with the help of my good friends and fellow
 reenactors Tim, Mike, and Jonathan.  Bags provided by "Doc" Blinky.
  Thank you fellas for helping me!


  Pictured above is John manning the bunker using my good friend Tom's field radio,
standing with Dave Norris who two years ago who met John while singing the National Anthem
 and then with some of the children who made friends with Johnnie.

For some excellent photos of the event, click here!
Compliments of David Caldwell.  Thank you David!

Also, my friend Jonathon Shapiro sent me a whole series of pictures.
From the re-enactor perspective, click here!  Thanks Jonathan!

Onto the USO show...

Following the reenactment and a dinner that could not be beat,
 John and I hightailed it over to the USO show at the Conneaut VFW Post.
  Thank you fellas for hosting this dance for the reenactors and our heroes. 

The view from the reenactor dinner over Lake Erie.  Beautiful!

The day's miserable weather was soon forgotten by all as the night slipped by.
  The music was outstanding and songs from the era filled the room.
  I never saw Uncle Johnnie happier.


Shown above John poses with event organizer Lisa Torrey along with husband Tim.
Band member John with girlfriend Rayanne,
 dancing with Sarah Lawrence,
 and then pictured with my buddy Ken Bruce.

We later had the pleasure of meeting Loretta and Dave Sawdey of the 83rd.
  Dave and I share a common interest in honoring our veterans
 like Great Uncle Johnnie.  Thank you Dave!

Again, I had the privilege and honor of adding to this years event program.
  I wrote a three page story of my weekend with members
 of the 6th Naval Beach Battalion called "When we were young."

  I was also asked to contribute a photo for the cover for the second year in a row.
Below are a few of my attempts to capture the spirit of this recreation.
The photo in the middle was selected.


Before leaving for Conneaut John and I visited his mother and fathers
 grave in West Newton PA as well as his brother Frank's grave in Madison PA.
  We also visited his boyhood home in Collinsburg PA.
  For me, this was the most memorable  part of our journey.
  I will never forget it.

Great uncle Frankies wife Libby again opened her home
 and filled our bellies with some down home cooking.
Thank you Aunt Libby for being our filling station of love.   

For more information regarding this outstanding event,
 please visit the web site below.

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