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Pictures from Washington DC - August 18th, 2007

John and I visit the Marine Corps Memorial
 as well as the WWII Memorial.

Never did those words ever ring so true...

It's been a few years since Johnnie and I visited the Marine Corps Memorial.
It was one of the first places that Johnnie and I visited years ago.
The 25 foot soldiers then were just cleaned and polished.
Yet unlike the tarnished men now anchoring Old Glory in to the black sands of Mt Suribachi,
 the Marine Corps tradition shines brightly on today in our current Leathernecks.

Thank you Devildog's!

Our visit was made more so enjoyable by making some new friends
 and listing to the fine music of a local harp player.

Off then to the Memorial...

Where we meet fellow veterans and well wishers from all over the world.


From France, Brazil, Russia, and of course the good ole' USA!

What a beautiful evening it's turning out to be.

Thank you Marine for your service to our great country!
The veteran next to John was in the Navy who was charged with supplying
 the communication crystals for the radio sets used in the invasion of Iwo Jima.


One more hug for Johnnie before we leave for the night.

Just as I was leaving Johnnies home, I snapped these pictures of a hawk.
With diligence and determination I continue to do what I can to help John.


Back to the Barracks...     

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