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The Sergeant John W. Gabersek Jr. Memorial Scholarship

A Family Tribute to Our Greatest Generation

Featured Story - When we were young.  A collection of memories from D-Day June 6th 1944.

Welcome to my tribute site to the 12 members of my family who combined with our allies restored freedom across the globe in WWII.  These men were part of the 16 million men and women serving in uniform for the United States.   430,000 of these 16 million perished to accomplish this hard fought victory.  Sadly, one of them, my great uncle Amin Isbir was killed on June 6th 1944 on Omaha Beach.  All of my great uncles have now passed away into history but you can relieve their experiences by clicking on their portrait below.  There are many related links contained within that might take you outside this site, but I'll do my best to assure that they remain active.    

June 6th 2012
- On the 68th anniversary of D-Day, I was honored to have been selected as the keynote speaker at the The National D-Day Memorial in Bedford Virginia.  On this date, the Memorial added great uncle Amin's name to their Necrology Wall, which identifies all those that fell on D-Day.  This obviously was a great honor for me, especially in front of so many WWII Veterans.  A tremendous opportunity to show to those who remain alive that their legacy, story and devotion to duty will be remembered and talked about for generations to come.   In what proved to be one of the highlights of my life, I addressed a crowd of just under 700 veterans, family, and fellow patriots.  The entire keynote address preceded by brief historical documentary of Amin, D-Day History and the 2012 address can be found here.  The local NBC affiliate out of Roanoak Virginia produced a humbling news segment on the addition of Amin's name and recorded my thoughts about this very special day.   That story can be found here.  This may be the final chapter to Amin's story, that last piece of the puzzle which has taken so long to accomplish, but I'll continue to hold true to the ideals of so many who fought on that day of days for years to come and continue to tell his and all of these brave soldiers, sailors, and airmen stories to all that would listen.

Sgt. John Gabersek - 400th Medical Collecting Company  Sgt. Tuench Povirk - 77th Infantry Division  Pvt. Dan "Den" Povirk - 377th Recon - 95th Division  PFC Don Lynch - 1318th Service Command  Cpl. Steve Simco - 422nd Night Fighter Squadron   Espir "Izzy" Isbir - Machinist's Mate - USS Wiseman

Johnnie Gabersek   U  Tuench Povirk      Dan Povirk       I       Don Lynch     T     Steve Simco     E       Izzy Isbir   D      

Cpl. Frank Gabersek - 264th Medical Battalion  Sgt. Reid "Skinny" Smith - 706 Ordnance Maintenance Company  Seaman Tony Mautino - Naval Landing Force Equipment Depot  Airman Chuck Baldis - B24 Tail Gunner - Philippine Islands  Seaman Bill Baker - Navy Frogman  Coxswain Amin Isbir - 6th Naval Beach Battalion

Frankie Gabersek      Reid Smith       T   Tony Mautino      A    Chuck Baldis      T    Bill Baker     E      Amin Isbir     S

Join me in honoring that Day of Days, D-Day, the nations largest WWII Living History event known as D-Day Conneaut.
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